Feedback and references

Feedback and references

Client feedback is one of the few indicators of the true quality of the work of any translation agency. Feedback and public reputation. After all, unlike most other businesses, we, translators, rarely get the opportunity to demonstrate our skills in public. On this page, we publish reference letters from our clients. We have included the names and positions of the people giving the feedback, and their companies, so that you can verify their comments.

HyperScript via Facebook

- Maxim Nemchenko
Diana Krupnik via Facebook

- Diana Krupnik
Sapir medical сlinic via Facebook

- Anastasia Vainshtein
LeCreuset via Facebook

- Irina Deonisjeva
Irina Dobrotina via Facebook

- Irina Dobrotina
Miroglio via Facebook

- Anastasia Pyanzina
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