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We provide an entire range of services in the field of language translation. We also provide additional services such as notarization of translations, apostille and legalization of documents, design, layout and typographical printing of translated materials, and even studio video dubbing.

Our projects

We provide an entire range of services in the field of language translation. We also provide additional services such as notarization of translations, apostille and legalization of documents, design, layout and typographical printing of translated materials, and even studio video dubbing.

Translation of a website

This was a peculiar and sophisticated project. We received the original texts in a specific XML format that was developed by the customer’s specialists. The peculiarity of the format is that a large amount of tags were scattered over the text inside the sentences and even words. Clearing this text for translation was impossible. Also inaccessible was the final view of the translation on some pages until the customer’s specialists uploaded the files to the system.

We finished the work on time, performed the translation by observing the style and conveying exact meaning, and performed editing and proof-reading of the materials on the created site for no additional charge.

Translation of a patent on genetics

The patent consisted of two small patent applications concerning genetic modifications of corn. To perform a professional translation in the sphere of genetics is beyond the power of the majority of translators. We found a translator with appropriate qualifications and involved specialists on genetics from the Biological Department of Moscow State University for consultations. Our editor carried out a complete review and stylistic follow-up revision of the translation.

Foreign partners of our customer confirmed the high quality of the translation and the successful fulfilment of the project.

Translation support of EXPO-2010

Preparation work started several years before the pavilions were opened for the public. «Russia» pavilion project planning also started well in advance. The companies «SUI-Proekt» and GAO VVTs were responsible for the preparation and construction of the Russian pavilion. Documentation planning and preparation, finished in late 2008 –early 2009, had taken more than a month. iTrex Translation agency translators had been supporting the project since early 2009, performing translation of construction documentation into Chinese, and other documents from and into Chinese. The volume of documentation for such events is truly enormous.

During the last month before the exposition, the organizations responsible for «Russia»pavillion at EXPO-2010 were in need of interpreting services from and into Chinese to conduct negotiations and install equipment. Throughout this month, iTrex Translation Agency provided Chinese interpreting services in Shanghai, China. In addition to the interpreters of iTrex Translation agency and internal interpreters of the companies of participating countries, more than 70,000 volunteers were engaged in the event; they interpreted for the exhibition guests into Chinese, English and other languages.

Online translation of agreements and negotiations for Uniastrum Bank

Sometimes translators work at an extremely rapid pace, diligently performing their tasks at the same time. This was exactly the case when a deal between Uniastrum Bank«Юниаструм Банком» and their foreign partners was negotiated, and the translators had to promptly render the fragments of a contract during the negotiations. In 2009, representatives of Uniastrum Bank «Юниаструм Банка» held negotiations with one of their foreign partners. The negotiations were in English, at night, and were via both telephone and e-mail as the partners were in different time zones. iTrex specialists interpreted the negotiations online from Russian into English and from English into Russian. At the same time, they had to translate the agreement literally «on the fly», when one of the parties made alterations to it. Not only did they need to intelligently formulate the text of the agreement, but also they also needed to provide the parties with absolutely precise information about the essence of the suggestions and alterations that were inserted.

All throughout the entire evening and night, while the deal was being negotiated, four translators from iTrex Translation Agency were online and promptly (within 10-30 minutes) translated the fragments of amendments to the contract and terms of the deal from English into Russian and from Russian into English. Both parties came to a mutual understanding.

Interpreting at "Italy-Russia" Economic Forum

We spent the entire month in preparation for the event and tested more than 600 interpreters. Eventually we selected 175 specialists for the forum events held in Moscow, 79 for St Petersburg, 34 for Novosibirsk, 11 for Krasnodar and 10 for Yekaterinburg. We also gathered a reserve group consisting of 30 persons. Thanks to our interpreters, the forum successfully delivered 5,000 business bilateral meetings and several specialized seminars for the representatives of Italian and Russian enterprises. We worked at the plenary session of "Italy-Russia"too, where V.V. Putin made a speech. As a result of the project, iTrex translation Agency received the status of official translator of Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce.

Synchronous interpreters of an uncommon subject matter for ROSNO

In 2008, «ROSNO» insurance company organized a specialized conference in Moscow, devoted to the peculiarities of medical insurance in the USA. At that moment in Russia, the information was completely unknown and it was not an easy task to find a suitable English interpreter, not to mention a synchronous interpreter familiar with the theme.

There was, of course, the option of bringing a specialist from the USA, but it would have required substantial expenses from the customer company. For several weeks, the managers of iTrex Translation Agency were in search of the proper specialists: looking through resumes, communicating with and testing interpreters. Finally, two simultaneous interpreters, having a command of English and Russian and familiar with medical insurance in the US, were found. They worked at the conference for one day and secured understanding between the speakers and the audience.

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