One has to compare a lot of various offers from translation agencies and freelancers as well as to compare them with the capabilities of in-house translators when choosing who to trust with a translation.

  • How do you know the real cost of a translation?
  • What does it depend on?
  • How can you receive a high-quality translation and not overpay?

You can be easily confused and make a wrong choice due to a great number of offers. Unfortunately, there are cases of attracting customers with low prices when the hidden cost of a translation is revealed only at the ordering stage. Time will be lost and you will have to agree to pay extra to get a translation on time and of the required quality.

Our table shows what constitutes prices of translation services and how you can reduce the cost of translations. It also allows provides you the opportunity of comparing our translation agency with other service providers.

Translation and Interpretation Services

WRITTEN TRANSLATION into Russian and from Russian.

Our task — to translate for you not only with quality and by the deadline, but also for the best price. After all, it is a guarantee that you will like your order and will return to us with new orders. Of course, the easiest way is for the company to attract a tight circle of super-generalists who know a great deal about various subjects. But those kinds of translators are always so expensive, that this solution, in the majority of cases, fails as the client is required to bear too great of an expense.

We work differently. We have a large number of translators that are fluent in a number of particular subjects and, for every order, we choose the ones who can carry out the order with excellence while still being affordable. We make great efforts so that you do not overpay for a translation.

Call us at +7 (495) 739-5696 or fill out an order form, and within 15-20 minutes, receive an offer for the cost of the translation, taking into account the characteristics of your particular objective as well as all possible discounts. (The managers will certainly let you know about current promotions.)



«Business». A translation passes a semantic check performed by an expert. This level is recommended when working with business and legal documentation.

«Native Speaker». A translation to a foreign language is performed by a native speaker who specializes in the customer’s subject matter. This level is recommended when working with major foreign partners and professional texts.

«VIP». A translation into a foreign language is performed by Russian-speaking translators who specialize in the customer’s subject matter. Afterwards, the translation undergoes an additional stylistic proofreading by a native speaker.
A translation into Russian undergoes 100% semantic and stylistic editing as well as an additional proofreading. This level is recommended for texts of increased complexity, as well as for texts intended for public use.

Prices for translation from a foreign language into a foreign language are calculated for each language pair. For price calculation, please contact our manager. Telephone: +7 (495) 739-56-96 email:, Other contacts

Editing of a translation — 50% of the price of translation.

Discounts Extra charges

From 100 pages: 5%

From 500 pages: 10%

From 1000 pages: 15%

Максимальная допустимая скорость работы письменного переводчика — 10 страниц в сутки. Если переводчик берет больший объем на сутки, то качество его работы резко снижается.

Наценка возможна в случае, когда требуемая вам скорость работы превышает 10 страниц в сутки.

Наши менеджеры всегда стараются сделать все возможное, чтобы вы получили перевод без наценки. Если сомневаетесь — обязательно звоните +7 (495) 739-5696!


  • Translation speed 11-15 pages per day: 50%
  • Translation speed 16 or more pages per day: 100%
  • For specific translations — literary text and rare subjects up to 50%

Native Speaker

  • Translation speed 7-10 pages per day: 50%
  • Translation speed 11 or more pages per day: 100%
  • For specific translations — literary text and rare subjects up to 50%


  • Translation speed 5-7 pages per day: 50%
  • Translation speed 8 or more pages per day: 100%
  • For specific translations — literary text and rare subjects up to 50%

Same-day translation: up to 100%
Same-day translation: up to 100%


Prices in Rubles. Basic rates*

Minimum order – 3 hours.

Language of translation Consecutive Simultaneous**
English French
Languages of former USSR countries
per hour per day
from 2 500 from 20 000
per hour per day
from 5 000 from 40 000
Language of translation Consecutive Simultaneous**
per hour per day
from 3 000 from 24 000
per hour per day
from 6 000 from 48 000

* Price of interpretation depends largely on the skills and experience of an interpreter. For example, if we provide a young expert with good references for work at an exhibition, the price of the service may start at 6000 rubles per day. The service of a highly qualified, experienced specialist with knowledge of specific subjects will cost much higher.

** Simultaneous interpretation requires engagement of 2 interpreters.

More information on simultaneous interpretation ...


Duration of work – 2 days or more: 10%

Company name/type Description

(5 – the highest cost)


Distinguishing features of our pricing policy

  • Transparent prices, calculation of the full price of a project with the help of a form on our website (written translation and interpretation) or with the help of our manager.
  • Translations without extra charge for specific themes.
  • Cost saving proposals.
  • Discount system focused on loyal customers ( based on the frequency and volume of orders, knowledge of the companies’ specifics).

Written translations, value factors:

1. Languages of translation.

There are 5 price groups of translations from Russian and into Russian. English, French, German, Spanish and Italian constitute the group of languages with the lowest prices of translation as the most widely used languages. The prices of translations from one foreign language into another are calculated individually.

2. Quantity of pages.

Text volume unit is 1 translation page (1800 characters with spaces).
Such a text volume unit is traditionally used by Russian translators. But for the convenience of our customers, we have additionally calculated the prices per 1000 characters — to download the price list, please, click here.
We offer volume discounts from 100/500/1 000 translation pages.

3. Level of translation. («Business»/«Super»).

The cost of translation increases with the level of requirements to a translation.
Additional charges are applied based on the specifics of translations (e.g. literary text or complex/rare themes).

4. Translation time. (Standard/urgent/extra urgent translations).

Additional charges for translation speed are applied (see price list).

5. Extra services.

The prices of extra services is calculated separately: Expert review and completion of a translation, Layout, formatting and design, Typographic printing, Notarization, legalization and apostille.

6. Frequency of customer’s orders.

Text volume unit is a standard translation page of 1 800 characters with spaces.
Discounts are calculated on the basis of an average monthly budget.


Interpretations, value factors:

1. Languages of translation.

There are 2 price groups. The prices are lower for the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, Polish, Norwegian, Rumanian, the languages of the former USSR countries.

2. Type of interpretation (consecutive/simultaneous).

The price of simultaneous interpretation is higher because it demands a higher qualification of an interpreter and preparation is more complex.

3. Number of interpreters.

Simultaneous interpreters always work in pairs, changing each other every 30 minutes. Our manager will help you to determine the number of interpreters needed for your event.

4. Qualification and experience of an interpreter.

The cost of service of a high-skilled interpreter with expertise in a specific field of knowledge is equal to the base rate or may exceed it. The cost of service of a graduate linguist with little experience (of interpretations at exhibitions, for example) is below the base rate.

5. Duration.

The minimal order is 2 hours.

Discounts are offered to clients who order interpreting for 2 consecutive days or more.

6. Working hours.

Additional charges for the work in evening hours (after 8 p.m.) are applied.

7. Preparation time.

In case of urgent orders the cost of a service may increase if highly qualified interpreters are required.

8. Orders for extra services.

Discounts for the comprehensive service «Simultaneous interpretation and Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rentals ».

Frequency of customer’s orders.

Discounts are calculated on the basis of an average monthly budget.


(5 – the highest cost)

Low prices are often claimed. At the same time, the structure and level of service are not provided in details. As a result, when ordering a translation you can find out that the claimed cost does not guarantee the on time delivery, precise and accurate translation of terminology and retaining of the original text format. You may find out the fact that the translation is performed by an unskilled specialist (e.g. by a student) at the stage of the order delivery. If you specify all the requirements to the translation, demanding high-quality of the result, you will be billed well above the base rate. You may be surcharged for a fixed delivery date (even in case of a non-urgent translation)? for a specific text subject (although the subject may be common), for the text quality, for retaining a standard format of a Word file etc.

Price optimization may also be tricky. For example, volume discounts on written translations may be offered without guarantee of a timely delivery. Discounts on simultaneous interpretation are offered if you order one interpreter (for quality assurance simultaneous interpreters should always work in pairs). Be careful and clarify all the details before placing your order to avoid losing time and spending extra money.


(5 — the highest cost)

Specialized translation agencies offer transparent prices, a clear description of the structure of services and guarantee high quality of translations.

The cost of their services is much higher than the market average. Complex specialized translations require the participation of rare specialists, translators with years of experience in certain areas of expertise and professional consultants. Furthermore the daily output standards of translation and editing are lower than in conventional translation agencies, so the project time increases. It also affects the price.


(5 — the highest cost)

Elite translation agencies offer transparent prices, a clear description of the structure of services and guarantee high quality of translations. The prices of their services are the highest on the market.

On the one hand, they need to maintain a high reputation, so they set the decreased daily output standards of translation and editing. This ensures high quality.
On the other hand, these agencies rarely specialize in specific fields. As a result, professional consultants and translators with experience in rare and narrow subject areas cost them more.


(5 — the highest cost)

There may be different variants. There are freelancers with expertise in specific fields. Their services are more expensive, but you get translated and edited texts of high quality. Such specialists are few in number. Low-skilled interpreters are more common, they offer low rates for any orders. Be prepared for additional expenditures, often reaching the cost of translation. You may have to spend money on editing and proofreading, text formatting, and sometimes a complete re-translation.


(5 – the highest cost)

When you transmit an order to «your own» interpreters, you know exactly what result you will get. That's a plus. Minus is the high costs of a translation department for a company. The cost of work of a translation department is high. It is approximately equal to the cost of translations performed by a specialized translation agency.

Extra Services Price List
Notarization 500 rubles per document
Notarized copy 100 rubles per page
Apostille service 3500 rubles per document
Consular legalization, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation legalization from 3500 rubles per document
(dependent on country)
Layout and prepress from 170 rubles per page
(dependent on complexity of layout)
Typographic printing calculated on request*
Studio translation dubbing (audio, video) calculated on request*
Posting of information on a customer's website calculated on request*
CD/DVD recording up to 50 rubles per disk**
Courier delivery 300 rubles per delivery.
(free delivery is available for orders over 10000 rubles)

* The cost of typographic printing, studio dubbing and posting of information on a website is calculated individually because the complexity of these services depends on many parameters. Printing depends on the number of copies, type of paper, type of printing and layout, etc. Dubbing depends on the level of actors, audio/video materials, etc. Posting of information on a website depends on a website structure, complexity of design, number of information elements, etc.

** The cost of CD/DVD recording of over 20 copies is calculated individually depending on the number of copies and design of the discs.

Please contact our manager for precise quotation.

Phone: +7 (495) 739-56-96 email:

Other contact details

How to pay for an order, the details

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