Translation of technical texts and documentation

Translation of technical texts and documentation

As a rule, a technical translation is broadly defined as a translation of scientific articles, manuals, technical passports, annotations, and other similar documents.

The precise meaning and significance of specific terms is not the only component of a high-quality translation. The preservation of a motivational power and emotional content of the text is also important. In order to fully translate articles and documents, not only the knowledge of a market and the characteristics of a target audience is necessary, but also experience of writing «selling» texts.

To ensure the quality of the result, the company engages experts in required subjects. Translators, editors, and (if necessary) consultants specializing in a particular field, who have proved their qualifications in practice, immaculately perform translations of any complexity. The specialists involved in translation have not only an education in linguistics, but also the technical, legal or economic knowledge that is necessary to carry out a particular project. He/she may often be an engineer who has been working for years in the relevant technical field.

Technical translation is one of the main directions of our company.

We carry out translations of technical texts, documentation and booklets used in the design, development and operation of technical objects. In particular, they include operation and maintenance instructions, technical standards and manuals, data sheets, specifications, patent and design documentation, user manuals, and drawings. In addition, we translate leaflets and service manuals.

Unlike typical documents, a translation of technical documentation is carried out in close cooperation with the customer. The professionalism of our translators lies not only in the knowledge of a language, but also in understanding the meaning of the original texts, which is often more important. Indeed, every industry has its own subtle nuances and the translation of the terms and concepts are often different even among those who work in the same industry. For example, in technical texts, abbreviations are often not decrypted and translated. English terms or transliteration are used in many areas. It's a kind of technical jargon understood by specialists in the industry. Therefore, attempts to translate such terms are usually perceived negatively. As a consequence, experienced customers try to advise all the requests to the translation in details and provide their own glossary. We transmit the translated text in steps in order to make corrections throughout the work process and in order to meet deadlines.

Our customers who order technical translations are the following companies: General Motors, Raytheon, Bergner, Scientific Research Institute of Standardization and Unification (NIISU), Industrial Risks Insurance Agency, Royallton, TEC Electronics, TriMetrix Solutions, Integra, RUSSOFT, I.S.P.A.-SAT and others. Join this great company.

We translate:

  • operating instructions
  • installation instructions
  • technical standards and guidelines
  • specifications
  • data sheets
  • service instructions
  • maintenance instructions
  • patent documentation
  • user manuals
  • project documentation
  • drawings

This is not a complete list. Let us know what kind of document needs to be translated. We will respond to your request, provide advice, and calculate the cost and project time.

More information on technical translation:

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