Medical / pharmaceutical translation

Medical / pharmaceutical translation

Medical translation requires enormous precision and responsibility as human life and health sometimes depend on the correctness of translation of diagnoses, medical records and results of clinical and laboratory tests. Medical translation differs from other types of translation because, in addition to knowing a foreign language, a translator must be fluent in Latin, especially in medical terminology.

Our experts have experience in such areas as:

  • cardiology;
  • anesthesia;
  • dentistry;
  • endoscopy;
  • diagnosis and electrodiagnostics;
  • therapy;
  • toxicology;
  • prosthetics and other areas of pharmacology and medicine.

However, if necessary, our experts seek the advice of pharmacists, surgeons, therapists and other medical professionals.

There are several directions in our work:

  • Translation of medical documents, which combines work with discharge medical records, epicrisis, test results, findings of experts and operative notes.
  • Work with documentation on clinical trials of drugs, which includes study protocols, investigator's brochures, registration cards, etc.
  • Translation of pharmaceutical documents, which includes patient and doctor package inserts, documentation on pharmaceutical quality assurance and dossiers of medicinal products.
  • Processing of operating instructions, descriptions, manuals, promotional materials, catalogs and presentations of medical equipment and instruments.
  • Translation of information on websites regarding medicine, clinical trials, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and instruments.
  • Translation of scientific articles, abstracts, conference materials, handbooks, monographs, dissertations, textbooks and other scientific medical literature.

To ensure high quality translation of medical records, a group of experts, which includes a translator and editor who specialize in the required field, is usually involved in a project. If necessary, we engage a qualified medical consultant who controls accuracy of the translation of medical terms together with an editor and a copywriter, whose task is completion of the translated text and its adaptation to the target audience.

Usually the translation process requires two stages: finding and clarifying the content of an original text and choosing a translation option.

We offer three main options:

  • urgent translation — carried out within one working day. In case of a large amount of text, it is divided into parts and several specialists are engaged in translation;
  • half-urgent translation — due to unforeseen circumstances, a client is forced to reduce the delivery time. Part of the work can be sent to another contractor;
  • typical translation — deadlines are stipulated by a contract and work is performed by a group of specialists.

We offer our clients a "turnkey" service. The agency carries out translation and layout of material, its design and printing, and delivers to the customer the final result. A finished medical translation can be notarized. In addition, we are able to perform consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, and conduct expert assessment and completion of works carried out by other translators.

Our agency has extensive experience of fruitful cooperation with well-known pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions. We’ll be glad if you become our loyal client.

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