Mother language makes us more soft-hearted


Interesting findings made by scientists: it turns out that the language of receiving information affects the decision people made. What is more, as they claim, it is not about understanding, but about the language which our mind takes as mother tongue and which not.
If the information is given in the mother tongue, then people make the related decisions more humanly. If it is in non-mother tongue – then the decisions will be more pragmatic.

So, if we take into account another recent finding, that our mind takes the language that surrounded a child during first two years as mother tongue, then it turns out that. For example, police officers and judges will be more severe if they work inside the verbal environment that differs from the environment of their childhood.

By the way, it is curiously enough if these conclusions are relevant to dialects and accents also. In fact, the Russian language, for example, highly differ in Moscow and Altai, or in Ukraine.

Mother language makes us more soft-hearted

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