Page translator for Yandex.Browser

Page translator for Yandex.Browser


Yandex developers are hard at work: they are developing Yandex.Browser page translator for Android. Browser’s alfa and beta versions are ready for testing, and Yandex team encourages users to try new function. Now you don’t have to interrupt reading and search a translation for the word or sentence in other application. It’s easy. (Though our opinion on quality of machine translation is quite obvious: it’s good only for superficial familiarization with text for now.)

By the way, it’s curious that Yandex used a screenshot of translation to the Tatar language for this post on its site, and there are few Russian-speaking people who understand it. Of course, screenshot with translation to Russian would provoke a lot of caustic comments on its quality.

If you want to try updated browser you can download in from Google Play.

Beta version:

Переводчик страниц Яндекс.Браузера

News source (in Russian): Yandex.Browser's blog

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