Microsoft forced to apologize after Bing translates 'Daesh' to 'Saudi Arabia'


One of the major problems of statistical machine translators like Google.Translate, Bing.Translate and others is dependence on users that can change translations making corrections unintentionally or on purpose. Many of you remember the incident last year when Google.Translate presented Russian Federation as Mordor in Ukrainian-Russian translation.

Politics plays an important role in this news too. Bing.Translator (Microsoft) translated «Daesh» (organization prohibited in Russia) as «Saudi Arabia» which made Syrians very angry. They were so outraged that called to stop using Microsoft products. The company has already apologized and corrected the mistake.

Mistake in Bing.Translator

Microsoft's reputation in Saudi Arabia got lost in translation. The Redmond, Wash., tech company had to apologize this weekend after its Bing translation service suggested that the Arabic name for Islamic State «Daesh» meant «Saudi Arabia» in English. News source: NYDailyNews

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