Aeroese — sky language

Aeroese — sky language


Pilots are special people, and they have their special language – Aeroese. Its area is the whole sky, as they are said to live only there ))

That’s interesting, any profession adds some adjustments to person’s language. And usually, outsiders cannot understand this specialized vocabulary.

Аэрский — язык пилотов

The day I first flew in the cockpit of an airliner, I fell in love with the sights, of course, but also the sounds. I fell in love with what I saw from the airplane that day. But I was equally struck by the clipped, technical majesty of the words I heard through the expensive-looking noise-cancelling headset the pilots had handed to me. The pilots spoke of ‘localisers’ and ‘glideslopes’ and ‘veerefs plus five’ (VREF, I now know, is a baseline landing speed). News source:

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