We provide an entire range of services in the field of language translation. We also provide additional services such as notarization of translations, apostille and legalization of documents, design, layout and typographical printing of translated materials, and even studio video dubbing.

Page translator for Yandex.Browser

Yandex developers are hard at work: they are developing Yandex.Browser page translator for Android.

Very... very...very!

Every language has words that describe various of nuances and shades, however over and over again people use the same words.

Funny translations

The theme of funny translations is inexhaustible. Every translator has a couple of comic situations from the personal experience :)

Language for IT-specialists and normal people is developed in Russia

Finally, linguists are working! You can never understand geeks — what they want, what they say…

Dmitry Medvedev tries to save Russian translator's institute

Dmitry Medvedev became “worried” about a quality of Russian translators and proposed to create a new Institute for translators.

Aeroese — sky language

Pilots are special people, and they have their special language – Aeroese. Its area is the whole sky, as they are said to live only there ))

A spectecular Perseid meteor shower will «outburst»!

From time to time we post travel reviews but that is much cooler! By around 3 a.m. EST on August 12 Perseid meteor shower will outburst.

Russian Potter's fans are outraged with new translation

A new book about Harry Potter demonstrates battle between good and evil. Meanwhile, Russian-speaking fans are fighting over each other for the best translation. 

How Google translate works

Excellent article that helps us to describe in details why Google translate should be only for home usage. That's right, our colleagues and we have to explain it time after time :)

Russian scientific news project N + 1 launched Spanish version

It’s really great when an interesting project becomes international. Recently Russian scientific news project N + 1 launched Spanish version.

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