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Test: What happens if mathematics is combined with linguistics?

In 1915, Jacob Linzbach, a Russian scientist, invented and developed a universal writing system, which was meant to be understandable, in his opinion, to everyone whatever the native language is. Linzbach called his new language system “Transcendental Algebra”. Here are some phrases written in Linzbach’s language and their translations into English. Try to answer the following questions on the basis of the given information.

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Zero rule of robotics: “Robot must understand human”

How does Siri know that many languages? And how goes Artificial Intelligence's learning?

Authors and translators: are they on one side or opposites?

Is translator a co-author of a literary work? Should he have a royalty like an author does?  And if an author is a source who presents his work to the world, then who is the translator?  

15 first time travel tips and tricks

We’ve learned a language and saved up money, what are we going to do next? Let’s travel! The Huffington Post made a list of 15 tips and tricks for those who travel for the first time.

Megafon helps to study English. For 8 rubles a day only!

Russian telecom operator @Megafon started a new service. Now any subscriber can speak with English natives just for 8 rubles per day. For this price, users can…

English as an Anti-Uber weapon

It is a known fact that the governments everywhere across Europe are trying to stand against Uber. In comparison with the traditional taxi services, Uber is often cheaper as the Uber drivers do not buy licenses and usually evade taxes.

German translator for Dutch at press conference of Zenith ;)

The journalists from “Meduza” described an interesting case (as well as the journalists from “Fontanka” and some other sources). An interpreter was invited to the press conference of football club Zenith (S.-Petersbourg) and A3 (Netherlands).

Amazing people

We could not pass the video about this brilliant girl. Bella is four years old. She can speak seven languages: Russian, English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French and Arabic.

Mother language makes us more soft-hearted

Interesting findings made by scientists: it turns out that the language of receiving information affects the decision people made.

Microsoft forced to apologize after Bing translates 'Daesh' to 'Saudi Arabia'

One of the major problems of statistical machine translators like Google.Translate, Bing.Translate and others is dependence on users that can change translations making corrections unintentionally or on purpose.

How to learn unknown alphabet

That's so cool! Of course, that is not the way to learn a foreign language, but suddenly unknown squiggles become understandable sounds :)

Translator of poetry Ignatiy Ivanovsky died in Saint-Petersburg

Last week Ignatiy Ivanovsky died in Saint-Petersburg. 

EU could drop English as official tongue

English translators are worried, but French translators are rubbing hands… Remember the hot news about Great Britain leaving the European Union?

Humor for geeks :)

Now the news for geeks! Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology launched a series of comic pictures that are clear only to people with physics and math background.

Mutko worked as a translator from English

Friday deserves Friday posts!)) You might remember Mutko’s, Russian Minister of Sport, magnificent speech in English when he represented Russia in front of FIFA executive community in 2010?

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