Translation of juridical / legal documents

Translation of juridical / legal documents

The translation of juridical / legal documents relates to legal-based text translation used for the exchange of legal information between people who live in different countries and speak different languages. Law is usually closely linked to cultural and socio-political characteristics of the state. Thus the translation of such documents is a complex task, since the translator needs not only to convey the content precisely and accurately, but also the meaning ​​of specific legal terms, clichés and wording. We fully understand that the original text may contain wording relevant to the legal state system of the country initiating the document, while the translated text is sometimes intended for use in a completely different system with its own legal concepts and wording. Mistakes in translation of juridical and legal documents sometimes incur huge cost.

In addition to an excellent command of foreign languages, the experts within our translation agency possess the necessary knowledge of law as well as extensive experience in dealing with legal documents, thus guaranteeing high quality work.

We fulfill orders for both individuals and legal entities. Work with documents usually involves both a translator and editor and in special cases we consult with professional lawyers. Each completed project is evaluated in accordance with LISA standards, so we know the professional level of each our specialist.

We provide quick, thorough and high-quality translations of:

  • statutory documents;
  • laws, legal acts and their drafts;
  • agreements, contracts, declarations and powers of attorney;
  • arbitration and international court decisions;
  • documents for assessing property-related and non-property rights;
  • documents relating to patent law and copyright;
  • insurance policies, birth certificates, and many other documents.

 Depending on the wishes and needs of the client, our managers will offer the best service option:

  • Super — if the cost of failure is very high and quality is critical;
  • Business — is the most common type of service when high quality is not required.

Depending on service chosen, we select a group of translators and calculate the cost of the work. Our agency can also provide additional services. Highly qualified specialists can perform interpretation of presentations and speeches, as well as translation of the content of almost any site and other services.

For those who value their time, the most popular service which we offer is the Turnkey service. This is when a group of experts headed by a project manager perform the full range of activities: translation, layout, design and digital or offset printing of the document in the required number of copies in our own print shop. The manager will deliver the completed order at the agreed time. If the document requires notarization or certification with the stamp of our translation agency, we can also do that for you. We retain the original formatting of the documents received in the MS Word format.

We have experience of close collaboration with many renowned law firms, both at home and abroad. Contact us and become our regular customer.

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