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We provide all possible services in the field of language translation. We also provide additional services such as notarization of translation, apostille and legalization of documents, design, layout and typographical printing of translated materials, and even studio dubbing of videos. iTrex translation agency is a member of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce, Russian-Italian Chamber of Commerce and an official translator of the Office of the Commercial Counsellor of the Austrian Embassy. 




We are able to translate into all languages

iTrex translation agency was founded in 2006.
Our agency is one of the largest in Moscow.
We cooperate with more than 2,500 translators from different countries, who translate into more than 100 languages including rare languages and direct translation from one foreign language into another foreign language. We have a base of consultants who are experts in various industries and whom we engage in the most difficult thematic projects.  

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Test: What happens if mathematics is combined with linguistics?

Test: What happens if mathematics is combined with linguistics?

In 1915, Jacob Linzbach, a Russian scientist, invented and developed a universal writing system, which was meant to be understandable, in his opinion, to everyone whatever the native language is. Linzbach called his new language system “Transcendental Algebra”. Here are some phrases written in Linzbach’s language and their translations into English. Try to answer the following questions on the basis of the given information.

Zero rule of robotics: “Robot must understand human”

Zero rule of robotics: “Robot must understand human”

How does Siri know that many languages? And how goes Artificial Intelligence's learning?

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Our clients and projects

Our clients and projects are very different from one another. Organizations form more than 90% of our clients. Our clients are companies and organizations from various fields: state and public sector, financial sector, oil and gas industry, IT and telecommunications, real estate, business associations and communities, mass media and many others.  

Ferrero Rocher, LG, Raytheon, TrendMicro, Probusinessbank Uniastrum Bank and many others are clients of our translation agency. Please click here to learn more about our clients.

Our experience allows us to handle not only the usual translation orders, but also to carry out quite ambitious projects. For example, we provided interpretation services during the Italian-Russian Economic Forum in 2009.  

More than 300 Italian language interpreters were needed to maintain the work of the forum. The forum’s meetings and events took place simultaneously in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar. The preparation process was very difficult — there was less than one month for the preparatory work. We selected the best professionals out of more than 600 candidates applying to be translators at the forum. Around 5000 meetings were successfully held at the forum. As result of this project, iTrex translation agency received the status of official translator of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce.

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