Wir erbringen alle möglichen Dienstleistungen auf dem Gebiet der Sprachübersetzungen. Außerdem bieten wir zusätzliche Dienstleistungen an: notarielle Beglaubigung der Übersetzung, Apostille und Legalisierung der Dokumente, Design, Layout und Druck der übersetzten Materialen bis hin zur Studiosynchronisierung von Videos.

Test: What happens if mathematics is combined with linguistics?

In 1915, Jacob Linzbach, a Russian scientist, invented and developed a universal writing system, which was meant to be understandable, in his opinion, to everyone whatever the native language is. Linzbach called his new language system “Transcendental Algebra”. Here are some phrases written in Linzbach’s language and their translations into English. Try to answer the following questions on the basis of the given information.

Zero rule of robotics: “Robot must understand human.”

How Siri knows that many languages? And how goes Artificial Intelligence's learning?

Authors and translators: are they on one side or opposites?

Is translator a co-author of a literary work? Should he have a royalty like an author does?  And if an author is a source who presents his work to the world, then who is the translator?  

15 first time travel tips and tricks

We’ve learned a language and saved up money, what are we going to do next? Let’s travel! The Huffington Post made a list of 15 tips and tricks for those who travel for the first time.

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